Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The F-Word - Longrow C.V and Springbank 15 Years

In starting a new blog I felt that I should refrain from using the word 'favourite' and all its connotations of single-mindedness and rejection of the new and exciting. So in keeping with Obama's spirit of change, I will attempt to avoid using the f-word. However I find with whisky, as in music records, I have drams that become short time favourites. The whiskies that you discover then tell everyone who is interested, everyone who isn't and anyone packed uncomfortably close to you on the tube about.

I have a couple currently that I have been using unreasonable force to get people drinking. These whiskies hail from a distilling region, that for reasons I cannot fathom, I've never really explored. This region, and I apologise for my ignorance, is that of Campbeltown, on that long thin peninsula off the West coast of Scotland. Fortunately, I've had plenty of opportunity recently to try the Campbeltown malts. Many have stood out but there are two that I think are the most drinkable; in a: 'I want to relax with a whisky, I may finish the bottle I may not, but by God I won't be disturbed. For these whiskies are sublime' kind of way. These two are the Longrow C.V. and the Springbank 15 year old. I was lucky enough to do a vertical tasting of the smoky Longrow malts and I loved them all, and you can expect complete tasting notes for all of them soon. However it was the C.V. that really turned my head therefore gets first dibs. With the Springbank I thought it had near perfect balance and became an instant dram to canvas to the unwitting around me. Here's what I thought:

Longrow C.V
46% - No Age Statement - Bottled by Springbank
Nose: Salt and a leathery smokyness come to the fore in a maritime combination I like to describe as a Harbourmaster's Jacket.
Palate: Light and sweet, a great contrast to the nose.
Finish: That salty smokiness returns from the nose providing a deeply satisfying ending.
Overall: I love the entire range of Longrow but the C.V. stands out as it combines a great quality whisky with fantastic value.

Springbank 15 years old
Nose: Grape and rhubarb dominate the nose in unison, with light smoke providing backbone and structure.
Palate: The grape returns with a dry and forgiving mouthfeel.
Finish: A long, silken, returning finish begging you to have another!
Overall: Delicious and unobtrusive with a balance of flavour and weight that all whiskies should aspire to, a region defining malt.

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  1. Very nice review! Springbank 15 is one of my favorite. I prefer it to the 10 and the 18. The fact that they do all of their production in house makes it that much more special a drink for me!