Sunday, 30 October 2011

Birthday Bonanza - Highland Park 1990

Mmm... cake...
As a kid, birthdays were about the amount and size of presents; the spread of crisps, cakes and cocktail sausages on the table; and the abundance of music based party games. I think finally I have grown out of this mentality. I say I have outgrown these childish pleasures but on my last birthday, despite beginning the day with smoked salmon and going to the pub I still found great delight in opening a present to find a brand spanking new Lego Creationary game. The game is essentially Pictionary with Lego, this (alongside the satirical War On Terror boardgame) is one of my favourite games of all time. Even after years of suppressing any desire to muck around with a Lego set, my natural talent for putting blocks together came back in a fantastical reawakening.

My Lego laser cannon
However, despite spending quite a long time playing with Lego, I did find some time to act my age. I went to the brilliant Bree Louise pub near London Euston to indulge in a proper portion (Definition: more than I could eat) of bangers and mash (my pub favourite), a selection of their exceptional beers and of course a glass of whisky. The whisky selection was fairly impressive with a good number of interesting malts scattered around the pub classics. I chose the Highland Park 1990. This is an export-market whisky that I hadn't yet seen, and knowing the accessible nature of Highland Park I was quick to buy a glass. Cap the day off with a large dinner, wine and the film Leon, the day retained some grown-up sensibility... Then I built a Lego laser.

Highland Park 1990
40% - 20 Years Old
Nose: Clover honey and fresh cut grass create a fresh nose with a touch of salt, smoke, nutmeg and citrus providing interest.
Palate: Lindisfarne mead struck me first with a slight herbal and lemony character coming through. The body was pleasantly light without being insubstantial. Perfect for after a pile of sausages and mash!
Finish: Clean and herbal with light peat smoke rounding off this supple whisky.
Overall: Very good at what it does, clean cut flavours, light and relaxing. It doesn't ask much from the drinker and is ideal for when you want to enjoy a malt without wading through intense flavour combinations. I'd certainly consider buying a bottle.

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  1. Happy Blessed Birthday, Angus!


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